I guess I’ve been around here for awhile. So Sara Dernberger and I have many people, places and things in common. Mostly, I have seen her smiling face at some of my gigs and she is good friends with so many people that I know. Particularly Leslie Campbell, mom of Chloe, that I painted last. Sara had a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack who has passed over the rainbow bridge. She wanted me to paint him because she holds his memory so dear.

JACK AND SARA’S LOVE STORY: IN HER WORDS I walked into a room of pens with rescued pups and he stopped playing with sibs and made eye contact with me from across the room. The perfect first paragraph of a love story. He could be a pistol and a protector. JRT's are defensive, so I had to work with him to let him know it was okay to be cuddly once in a while. Loved to give the dog next door a run along the fence. She would actually stare at my house and wait for him to come out and play. He had my heart and I shed tears frequently. Lots of great memories. 

IN CONCLUSION: IN MY WORDS SPECS: 8X10 Watercolor on canvas panel. What a delight it was to paint this memorable animal. The stance and attitude came right through the moment in time on the picture I was working from. Muscular looking little guy. Sara’s story speaks of love at first sight. A centrifugal force. The definition of that being an apparent force that acts outward on a body moving around a center, arising from the body’s inertia. That’s a mouthful. Short version, yeah, sounds like love at first sight to me. Yes, there is such thing and when you know it, you know it. That moment when a person, place or thing becomes the center of your universe and everything else whites out. A moment usually never forgotten. Jack and Sara. It was meant to be. Fly high little one. Your mission of love has been accomplished.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in having a commissioned piece, and yes I DO paint things other than dogs, please email me at smithgirlarts@gmail.com for prices/sizes.

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