Mill Dam Corner Grill 12/20/07

Hi. Joe Skidmore says it's time to post a new blog. So, here ya go Joe! Last night a good time was had by all at the Mill Dam Corner Grill (formerly Kraners) Thanks to ALL the staff and crowd for making Randy and I welcome and groovin' to the music. So many pictures of crazy people are in the gallery. Be sure to check 'm out. Xmas is almost here. It's sucha whirlwind thang, but let me take this opportunity to wish everybody a safe and happy holiday. Tomorrow night the Gayla Smith Trio will be at Club Diversity for our holiday show. We're dressin' up OVER THE TOP, and will do a mix of our list and some Christmas tunes. Chris Baker and Dan Clark will be at my side. Love to play with those guys! Buckeye Lake Ball hats and BBQ aprons have sold well along with some gourd sculptures. Will be working on some new designs to fill the "G shop " with in 08. I'll keep in touch. Please visit the website all ya can and be sure to drop me a note in the guest book. You KNOW HOW I LOVE TO GET MAIL!!!!!! I got 800 plus hits on the website last month! That is a GOOD thing. Please pass the link to the site to all your friends all over the universe. MUCH love peace and God Bless. Gayla

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