Phoebe and Mozzie: Puggobiography



Gayla Smith/Smith Girl Arts

Happy pet stories warm my heart. We all know there is a dark side to the fate of some of these innocent souls, so I…

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"You'll Be In My Heart" ( A Commission Story)

In my last blog I wrote that I hadn’t posted a lot of pics of paintings leading up to Christmas because I was sworn to secrecy until the gifts of commissioned paintings had been given. 

I still have several…

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New Roads, Back Stories, and Commissions

For the last few months leading up to Christmas I’ve been keeping some of my work top secret so as not to spoil the Christmas gift surprise. I’m making some collages of my four pawed subject matter. 

Process begins with…

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Once Upon a Lifetime: The Governor Will See You

Last April the Executive Director of Explore Licking County, Dan Moder, sent me a message and asked if I could take a conference call from the team in his office. He said they had (in his words) a crazy hair-brained…

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Buckeye Lake is B A C K

Last night, Mike Nelson and I had the pleasure of playing at The Buckeye Lake Winery. Buckeye Lake has so many beautiful pockets of community all the way around the pond. South shore folk, West Bank Folk, Liebs Island Folk,…

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Ohio Tourism Day Statehouse Lawn May 8, 2019

On May 8, 2019 I was privileged to act as a live artist for the Explore Licking County Group on Ohio Tourism Day 2019. 

I had one of the best days imaginable with the beloved and artistic crew from…

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Mother's Day Gig 2019

Can't tell you how many times I've thought, if ONLY I'd have documented every gig in my career. I know I would be amazed at the timeline of events and the shifts of the music industry over the years. Now…

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Buckeye Lake Winterfest: What it Means to Art

Buckeye Lake  is a small body of water approximately 30 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio. It is immersed in legend, rich history and an eclectic mix of out-of-the-box natives. In the 40's it was a booming spot with an amusement…

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 Hi. Been awhile since I blogged. Some good things about fall: leaves, cooler nights, sweatshirts and exotic coffee drinks. Speaking of which, Dan Clark, Chris Baker and yours truly had the pleasure of being invited to the Oktoberfest 08. We…Read more

True signs of spring.

Hey now. The Harleys began to rumble around the lake yesterday. The sun and warmth brought people out of their cacoons and take on human form. We had a great time on the gig. Bruce and Greg stopped…Read more


FRIDAY Feb 1st, the Gayla Smith Trio did their first gig in Smugglers inside of Big Dog Motorcycles. It is an absolutely FABULOUS place. If you've never been in there, ya gotta go. Soft lighting, hip decor, and swimmin'…Read more