Mother's Day Gig 2019

Can't tell you how many times I've thought, if ONLY I'd have documented every gig in my career. I know I would be amazed at the timeline of events and the shifts of the music industry over the years. Now and then I'll see a picture that reminds me of my footprints in my gig life.  The different fashion looks, the crowds, the bars and the venues. So colorful. So memorable. 

So another observation of being a musician over the years is "venue" people. By that I mean managers, staff, workers, servers etc. There are times that it is just a flatline experience. You walk into a cold room, find the human in charge, figure out the logistics and commence in set up. Sometimes these people are unfriendly, look at you like you're a misplaced alien and removed. Sometimes they barely look up. It's not like you need a ticker tape parade to get started. It'd just be nice to know you'reon the same team when you come in the room. However, sometimes, these people blow you away. 

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing a solo piano gig at the Athletic Club of Columbus. Tammy from Class Acts of Columbus graciously booked the gig. I appreciate all the talent agents at Class Acts Of Columbus beyond all imagination.  This gig was  extra nice for me because there is no PA involved. I carry nothing heavier than my purse into the club. They have a grand piano. YAY. There is no electric keyboard in the world that can please me the way a REAL grand piano does. Cadillac gig. 

When I entered the room my eyes were met with a breathtaking display of food, flowers and in general Mother's day themed decor that was tremendously on point. Pure class.  I was greeted by the hostess who handed me a cup of coffee WITH CREAM (my personal favorite) a bottled water, and a super friendly face.  I really have to shout this out. Not everyone, in every venue will greet you this way. I need to mention this because I was blown away by gratitude. Small things, but enormous in my book. 

So for several sets, I played this marvelous instrument. So many pleasant exchanges with the guests/staff and knowing the blessing I have received by my parents (who are long gone) providing and guiding me towards being a musician. Not every gig is like this, but I surely do recognize it when it comes along. 

And, finally, a message of love to my beloved mom. Virginia Smith you were a soldier in real life and a soldier IN life. Your strength, determination, guidance, intelligence and long suffering shrouded my brother and I in the gift of motherhood. There were many battles, there were many sweet moments. Getting a late start for having kids, I don't know how you did it. Most importantly, your love for us sculpted us into who we are. Your son always leaves the world a better place wherever he is involved and I play songs and paint pictures. I think that would make you and dad so happy. I miss you every day of my life. If there was a hotline to heaven, I'd surely be "blowing your phone up" every day. My deepest hope is that I can again look into the face of you and dad because nothing else matters that much. 


Back to the venue of this past mother's day, thank you ACC. You are above and beyond. 

May 12, 2019 Mother's Day gig was amongst the finest I've played in a long time.