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Fall Contract on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic.  

Hello. It's been awhile. 

I just finished the most unusual contract at sea that I've ever done. On Aug. 19, 2013 I boarded the Disney Wonder porting out of Vancouver B.C. 
In the coming three weeks we cruised to Alaska. We ported in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan as well as creeping down Tracy Arm to see the South Sawyer Glacier.
I never anticipated the beauty I would see nor did I know that we would be cruising so close to the shore line while in that area. It was drop dead gorgeous. 
In the evenings when I was getting ready for work, around 6ish, I would see whale tales rolling in the water and spewing water flying through the air. So gracful. So majestic. Each port in Alaska had it's own charming character. Skagway reminded me of the show "Northern Exposure". VERY quirky and seemed like a place right out of the wild, wild west. Juneau was always dark, cloudy and rainy when we were there. Shops were nice and seemed like a lot of good restaurants. Ketchikan was very quaint. I had friends there from back in Ohio. They took me on adventures every Saturday when we pulled into port. All in all, Alaska is someplace that everybody should try to travel to. You will never forget it if you go. 

From there, we began relocating. San Francisco was next. Five day relocation cruise. San Fran was the only port. We had a 2 AM all aboard. Nice. My friend Betsy picked me up and we sat in a wonderful restaurant while watching the America's Cup front and center. She then took me all the way to Antioch, CA to see her home and family. Great day. Jammed with her son, Ethan, who played upright bass. I played piano. They had lots of great wine and it was so nice hang with them. 

We then sailed to Los Angeles to pick up the passengers for our 14 day Panama Canal crossing. I had never played a 14 days cruise and was most apprehensive about doing one. As it turned out, the passengers for that cruise were great. Two of them invited me to eat in Palo, the Wonder's 5 star restaurant while actually cruising through the canal. Most memorable experience. 

We finally relocated to our new home port Galveston. I played two weeks from that port and was then transferred to Miami, FL in order to board the newly re-imagined Disney Magic. I flew to Miami on Oct. 12th. I had a luxurious 5 days in the Crowne Plaza. I suddenly received a call that the Magic was running late due to running into some inclement weather on the way back from Spain. We were then transported to Port Canaveral to board the Magic while they were applying the finishing touches. 

On Oct 23nd we finally sailed back to our intended new home port in Miami. We then hosted a two day media cruise in order to promote and publicize the newly renovated ship. All Disney dignitaries were there. Quite sometthing. It was astounding to watch the process of a company such as that orchestrating historic dry dock  and carrying the completion over the finish line. 
Just prior to signing off, my boss invited myself and my fellow musicians to experience a dolphine encounter. I accepted the invitation. It was precious. What intelligent, gentle and loving creatures. Yet again, a new and mind blowing experience. 

On Nov. 15th, I signed off and flew home to Ohio. Tiny breather. I am scheduled to do two recording sessions of new originals while home with a couple of VERY pro musicians from the area. Should be great. 

I board the Disney Fantasy on Dec. 7 for another contract that will end on Mar 1st. 

That is all for now. 


 Hi. Been awhile since I blogged. Some good things about fall: leaves, cooler nights, sweatshirts and exotic coffee drinks. Speaking of which, Dan Clark, Chris Baker and yours truly had the pleasure of being invited to the Oktoberfest 08. We played Friday night in the middle of the sky breaking loose with much rain. Thankfully, our tent filled up to the brim and we and gang of very wet Oktoberfest attendants rocked the night away. 
Very special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Owens, Linda Casale, Jack and James for believing in us and standing at our sides during the performance. I appreciate your faith and promotion more than you know. 

The fall gigs begin in tents, hay fields, amongst pumpkins, apples, the sound of locusts, and foggy nights and mornings.  I hope to see you out and being happy as we move toward the coming change in seasons. 

True signs of spring. 

Hey now. The Harleys began to rumble around the lake yesterday. The sun and warmth brought people out of their cacoons and take on human form. We had a great time on the gig. Bruce and Greg stopped by to sit in, Randy was in rare form, and I was just happy to see other humanoids out and celebrating the hope of summer. See the pics on go to GALLERY


FRIDAY Feb 1st, the Gayla Smith Trio did their first gig in Smugglers inside of Big Dog Motorcycles. It is an absolutely FABULOUS place. If you've never been in there, ya gotta go. Soft lighting, hip decor, and swimmin' in gorgeous motocycles. There is a beautiful neon bar and some food service. Jamy Rice is headin' up the endeavor and he and his staff have done a wonderful job. Thanks for havin' us guys. See ya soon. Go see the pix on

BLYC with Shawn Burgett & Milly pix 

Hi. Just little entry to say thanks to the folks at the BLYC for having Shawn Burgett and I play last Saturday night for their "Ice Breaker" night. It was soooo fun and I am grateful to the YC for opening it up to our friends. They lit up the room as always. See the pix. Also a little gallery of my pup Milly. She's a nut. Pix of her under The Misadventures of My Dog Milly. Photos to look at while the whether outside is still so frightful. C you soon. g

JANUARY Club D 08 

Well, my I HATE WINTER mantra continues, but I gotta say, the Club D gig last night reallllly perked me up. Everybody's fighting colds, and seasonal crappage. It was a miracle to be able to sing last night, but that crowd just pumped my adrenaline from the first note. Dan and Chris played like the seasoned groovable champs they always do and well, I just flat out had a great time. Met new fans, took new pix, and the place jammed all night. Thank you to everybody who cheered me and the boyz like you did. It made Ohio weather in Jan forgettable for an evening. Luv yaz and God Bless. c ya on feb 21st.

January Blues 

Anyone that knows me very well, knows I'm no fan of winter. After the first cold and gray week into the new year, I was already losin' my mind from the Blues. I really thank God for my gig with Randy at the Copper Penny on SUndays. It helps me get happy again and the crowds bring me so much joy. I truly thank everybody for coming out week after week. You are all Blues Busters to me!!!!! Take a look at the pix from Jan 6th 08 on

New Years Eve 2008 Doolin's Pub 

Randy and I played Doolin's Pub in Pickerington for the very first time tonight for their NY's eve celebration. It was a GREAT club, a GREAT crowd and a GREAT time! Stop in the Gallery to see the many pix that were taken that night. Thanks to everyone who came out to rock the night away and dance with us. We had fun and will be back in Doolins again soon. Happy New Year to all. See ya next week at the Penny.

Mill Dam Corner Grill 12/20/07 

Hi. Joe Skidmore says it's time to post a new blog. So, here ya go Joe! Last night a good time was had by all at the Mill Dam Corner Grill (formerly Kraners) Thanks to ALL the staff and crowd for making Randy and I welcome and groovin' to the music. So many pictures of crazy people are in the gallery. Be sure to check 'm out. Xmas is almost here. It's sucha whirlwind thang, but let me take this opportunity to wish everybody a safe and happy holiday. Tomorrow night the Gayla Smith Trio will be at Club Diversity for our holiday show. We're dressin' up OVER THE TOP, and will do a mix of our list and some Christmas tunes. Chris Baker and Dan Clark will be at my side. Love to play with those guys! Buckeye Lake Ball hats and BBQ aprons have sold well along with some gourd sculptures. Will be working on some new designs to fill the "G shop " with in 08. I'll keep in touch. Please visit the website all ya can and be sure to drop me a note in the guest book. You KNOW HOW I LOVE TO GET MAIL!!!!!! I got 800 plus hits on the website last month! That is a GOOD thing. Please pass the link to the site to all your friends all over the universe. MUCH love peace and God Bless. Gayla

Weekend of Oct 12th 07 

Hi Thurs. Went to Copper Penny to see my dearest friend John Schwab play. It was fun to be in the audience for once. Had a great time. took pix. Went to Stinkin' Dads to sit in with Mike Brown and band on Friday. Stole lotsa pix. It was fun. Never been there before. Nice neighborhood feel. Saturday went shopping for Halloween costume. Came up with Bump kiss. Still lookin. Got any ideas? Sunday at the Copper Penny, still havin' fun. Lots more Pix. Remember to forward the website whenever you can. I'm still missin' Cowtown dot com. so much! luv g