Hi. Been awhile since I blogged. Some good things about fall: leaves, cooler nights, sweatshirts and exotic coffee drinks. Speaking of which, Dan Clark, Chris Baker and yours truly had the pleasure of being invited to the Oktoberfest 08. We played Friday night in the middle of the sky breaking loose with much rain. Thankfully, our tent filled up to the brim and we and gang of very wet Oktoberfest attendants rocked the night away. 
Very special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Owens, Linda Casale, Jack and James for believing in us and standing at our sides during the performance. I appreciate your faith and promotion more than you know. 

The fall gigs begin in tents, hay fields, amongst pumpkins, apples, the sound of locusts, and foggy nights and mornings.  I hope to see you out and being happy as we move toward the coming change in seasons. 

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