Buckeye Lake is B A C K

Last night, Mike Nelson and I had the pleasure of playing at The Buckeye Lake Winery. Buckeye Lake has so many beautiful pockets of community all the way around the pond. South shore folk, West Bank Folk, Liebs Island Folk, Harbor Hillers, Heron Bayers, Crane Lake Folk, North Bankers etc. They all believe their little pocket is the best place on the lake and they are ALL so right. They all have a close knit group of friends and I love to see the strength and comfort of their relationships. I watch them collectively raise a glass & dine together living life to the max. It gives me joy. 

The DAM project challenged these lake folk. It challenged the residents and the workers. Not the end of the world, but it made some very happy people quite sad. Receding shorelines, not much boat traffic, not quite as much fun under the sun. 24 hour chaos. Not life threatening, just sad. Hearts were a little bit heavy. But, as I knew they would, they soldiered through it. Some of the challenges continue, but I know from what I witnessed last night at our official summer opening gig round the lake, they are rejoicing. There are still challenges, still adjustments, still questions and still some who wonder if the "new lake" will be their cup of tea. All merited. Time will tell. I'm rooting for us all. 

I didn't get many pictures last night. TOO BUSY LOL. The Winery was ROCKIN'. The staff and manager worked HARD and kept smiling. KUDOS guys.  SO polite and so good to us. There was a beautiful wedding in progress on the grounds. I saw LOTS of friendly faces from my past and not so distant past. Anniversaries, birthdays, and, in general, a celebratory atmosphere. As always, I am grateful for ANYONE who takes the time in this busy world to come see us play. We REALLY appreciate it. 

With a splendid sunset and boats EVERYWHERE, I can't tell you how many times in discussions throughout the night that the comment was made "it's so great to have the water back in the lake". YEP,  Buckeye Lake is  B A C K. It's different, and it will continue to transform into something I'm sure will be beyond anything we could have imaged as natives. At the end of the day, I'm so glad you natives are still here, and I'm happy to meet the new ones. You're gonna like being "Lake People". 

Next week we road trip to Hollywood Casino Dayton on Saturday May 25th. Sunday night will be back on the OTHER side of the lake at the Buckeye Lake Pizza Cottage in the Heart of the Village of Buckeye Lake for music on the patio. May 26th. Each corner of the lake having it's own dynamic. I love it all. 

I'm posting just a few of the pics from last night. My musical partner in crime, Mike Nelson making crazy poses. Thanks Mike for making sure "the beat goes on". We will see you on the next gig.