New Roads, Back Stories, and Commissions

For the last few months leading up to Christmas I’ve been keeping some of my work top secret so as not to spoil the Christmas gift surprise. I’m making some collages of my four pawed subject matter. 

Process begins with pics sent by the client. After staring at them for awhile, there is always one that speaks to me. The other pics help with color and expressions. This guy has a super sweet face and the pic I chose to paint of him hit me immediately. Some of the pets come with little back stories and undoubtedly bundles of love and comfort to their owners. I’ll be posting more as I do them as the gifts have been given by now. 

Entitled “You Needed Me” because, in my eyes, that’s what his face is saying to his masters. I believe him. 

So the pet commissions resulted in a very fun and unexpected detour for me. I’m still making them and still taking them. 

If you are interested in a commission, kindly 
PM me for pricing and policies. 


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