Edgewater: A Commission Story

COMMISSION: I recently got a request to paint a scene from Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio. I knew nothing of this place or the scene even though it is in my own state. It is a winter scene. Since I usually lean towards the sun and sunny pictures, it was quite a stretch for me.

I looked up a brief explanation of this landmark in our Buckeye State: The 147 acre Edgewater Park is the westernmost park in Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation. Edgewater Park features 9000 feet of shoreline, dog and swim beaches, boat ramps, fishing pier, picnic areas and grills and a rentable pavilion.

Since painting this scene, I have learned it is that backdrop for many a happy occasion. Weddings, outings, picnics, gatherings, boating, fishing and all out happy social events. Just like the ones we are missing so much right now. I have had friends tell me they were photographed there, collected beach glass there and have made great memories there.

As for the painting itself, I have only a cell phone shot to offer. Surely falls short of the fantastic high resolution scans that I get from my friend Mike at Photographic Creations. I look forward to coming back to his services again. The actual painting is 12 x 12 watercolor on canvas panel with just a touch of black ink.

The sky in the original photo is electric. Lots of pinks and blues with what looks like an ominous snow storm moving in. Frightening and beautiful. My favorite part of doing this painting was the big tree. Dormant, yet strong and firmly planted. Striking even though frozen. Awaiting for rebirth and renaissance. Just like us. Please stay strong, firmly planted. and look forward to rebirth and renaissance. Nothing is easy right now. Keep the faith. If you are interested in a commission, please message me. smithgirlarts@gmail.com If you would like to read previous blogs, please go to smithgirlarts.com Thanks. g








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