In Memory of Chloe

IN MEMORY OF CHLOE: HOW THE COMMISSION CAME TO ME I don’t really remember when I didn’t know Leslie Campbell but as a kid I knew her as Leslie Beckett. Her uncle was married to my cousin. Pretty sure we shared some of the same classes in Hebron Elementary and perhaps some Brownie and Girl Scout activities. Fast forward we reconnected at one of my gigs at the Pizza Cottage. She’d seen my paintings and spoken of having one done of her late dog, Chloe. CHLOE’S LIFE STORY IN LESLIE’S WORDS: From the moment we got Chloe she was the perfect addition to our family. She was very loving to all of us but especially to her "dad". He took her for car rides, trips to get "pup cups" and a swim in Buckeye Lake. Oh how she loved to swim. I have pictures of her floating on a raft in my brother's pool. Our son had a Springer Spaniel (Sadie) and she lived two houses down from us. Chloe would take her toys outside and line them up on the hill to entice Sadie to come play.Chloe knew she could not leave her yard. She also loved presents. We would buy her new toys and wrap them up so she could open them. But she loved her family the most! We had her for 16 years and I think of her often. She was the best! CONCLUSION: IN MY OWN WORDS Leslie provided me with some great hard copy pictures of Chloe. She wanted an 8 x 10 and this was done with watercolor on a canvas panel. Though I had never had the pleasure of meeting Chloe as she’d already passed over the Rainbow Bridge, her sweetness radiated in every pic that Leslie gave me. My favorite part of Leslie’s story is the part about Chloe lining her toys up on the hill to lure her canine neighbor Sadie to come play. She knew she was supposed to stay put, but she craved the love and company of one of her friends. That part of the story choked me up. A lot of us feel the same way right now. Two legged or four legged, we all crave love. So line your toys up on the hill. Someday we will be able to play together again without a care in the world. Until then, take a tip from Chloe. Love unconditionally from where you are in any way you can. If you are interested in reading my other blogs go to If you are interested in commissioning a painting, email me Thanks for reading. G

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